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bearforest_6.jpgThe LBE website is divided into three parts; 

  • Enclosure Design
  • Bear Management and 
  • Veterinary Management 

and deal with the practical approach of managing captive brown bears in their most natural setting. The Bear Forest in Rhenen is a large (semi-natural) bear enclosure; it is well planted with pine and deciduous trees and shrubs, has many dead tree-trunks, a large water basin for the bears to swim in with a waterfall and artificial dens for the bears to shelter or sleep in.

“Large Bear Enclosures can become the standard for bear keeping in the future. Visitors like it and bears deserve it.” This quote was the opening line in the 1996 published book with articles from the first workshop on Large Bear Enclosures held in Ouwehands Zoo, The Netherlands.

Since then, many large naturalistic bear enclosures have been developed in various countries in Europe. The information presented on this website can serve as a reference guide for the development of LBEs. It gives an insight in the step-by-step approach as to how a LBE, such as the Bear Forest in Rhenen, is constructed and managed.  


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